Dalits worst hit in floods

In Telugu language there is a saying: శవాలమీద చిల్లర ఏరుకునే రకాలు (Savaala-meeda chillara erukunea rakaalu) (picking-up the money (generally coins) thrown upon the corpse. I do not know about the burial customs elsewhere, but in AP while taking the corpse to the burial ground people throw coins upon the dead body as a mark of respect. And generally two kinds of people pick up this kind money: (a) the poorest of the poor (this category of people generally belongs to the lower castes, especially the Dalits, and (b) misers (although we found this kind of people across the caste and communities, it is generally misers from upper castes pick up the coins from the dead bodies.

When it comes to the welfare issues of the Dalits, it is our experience that caste Hindu officials usurp a major percentage of the welfare money. Pathetically and shamefully it is not just the welfare money, sometimes it is also the money that is given for the relief and rehabilitation of the Dalits. Dalit were the worst hit by the last year floods AP, partly due to their deprived status and partly due to apparent discrimination and apathy by the officials – says a report by the National Dalit Watch.



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