The Death of my Hero

Day before yesterday my grandmother (Nagabhushanamma), who has been my main source of inspiration, had died. Although she was 81, we never heard her complaining about her health. She was so perfect that we never expected such a sudden death. She was very hard working woman. I was told that she worked in an agricultural field even two days before her death. She is very fond of people and helped generously to whoever knocked at her door. I am sure she will be missed by all those people who have had met her. She is the main bridge between me and my family, and with her death everything has collapsed.
She was very happy when her photograph appeared in Enadu newspaper, along with mine, when I left for London for the first time. And she was very proud to release my book on Categorization. I never knew such a hardworking, compassionate, genuine and generous lady in my life. She is my hero.

Sam Gundimeda
Vijaya Sai Residency
Tenali (8th July, 2010)

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